Introducing D.O.P.

The Defang Opinionated Platform

A radically simpler way to build and deploy production-ready cloud apps

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Key Features


Production-ready Architecture

All DOP apps are architected as a collection of event-driven serverless functions with built-in scalability, performance, cost-efficiency, and resilience.


AI-assisted Development

Specify a high-level prompt and DOP generates an initial version of your cloud functions within seconds.


Automated CI/CD

Push new code to DOP and it automatically builds and deploys the new artifacts to your secure staging or production environments.


No Lock-in

DOP app implementations are inherently portable and can be deployed to any leading cloud infrastructure such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.

Pricing Plans

During our MVP launch, try everything for free!

About Defang

Defang was founded to increase resiliency in cloud applications by moving away from centralized infrastructure, inspired by decentralized systems like blockchains and the original design of the Internet. Our name, Defang (De-FANG), reflects this goal.

We understand that decentralization is a long-term objective, and our first step is to redefine the app model to abstract away underlying platforms while providing immediate benefits in ease of development, cost, and resilience.

By building apps with the Defang model, we lay the groundwork for transitioning to more decentralized infrastructure options as they emerge and mature, ensuring your apps remain future-proof and benefit from both established platforms and innovative new technologies.

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